These presentations are designed to help translators and interpreters strengthen their skills and expertise with experience-based information and techniques.

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The New Remote Interpreting Landscape: Back to the Hack

Before COVID-19, remote interpreting was making slow, but steady, inroads into our profession, primarily over platforms specifically designed for providing interpreting services. Almost overnight, any kind of orderly progression for adopting over-the-phone (OPI), video remote (VRI), and remote simultaneous (RSI) interpreting was overtaken by market demand during the pandemic.At the end of 2020, every platform offering remote communication was being used to deliver interpreting services—from telehealth to Google Meets, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook livestream, and more. To stay in business, interpreters…

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Phone and Email Etiquette

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Back to Business Basics

This special webinar series provides business basics for translators and interpreters, useful for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Each webinar focuses on a small, practical piece of advice.

Phone and Email Etiquette

February 15 / 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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Setting Goals for Your Freelance Translation or Interpreting Business

Setting realistic goals for your business can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What is the right combination of ambition and reason? How…

Entrepreneurial Habits for Freelance Translators and Interpreters

Succeeding as a freelancer will always involve some factors you can’t control—like a global pandemic—but it also involves daily, positive habits and a business mindset….

Handling the Holidays as a Freelancer

This is the third webinar in ATA’s Back to Business Basics series. Each webinar in the series focuses on a small, practical piece of business…

Diversification: A Tool for Thriving in Uncertain Times

While many things are uncertain when you run your own business—especially during a pandemic and economic crisis—one thing is clear so far: freelancers with diverse…

Effective and Pitch-Perfect Marketing during and after COVID-19

With an ongoing global pandemic and economic crisis, marketing your services may not feel like a priority right now. But you’ve worked hard to establish…

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Managing the Stages of Your Small Business

When you start a new business, your focus is all about what to do first. But what happens once you’re on your way? You’re ready for stage two of your freelance business! In this webinar, presenter Dorothee Racette takes you through the five stages in the life of a business, each defined by a shift in your priorities and changes in the way you work. She shows you how to use the experience and skills…

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Webinars on Demand

Spreading Your Wings: Transitioning from Classroom to a Career in Translation

Can I really make it as a freelancer? Do I need a website? How do I find clients? What services…

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A Step-by-Step Manual: How to Give a School Outreach Presentation and Tips for Capturing a Winning Photo

School by school, class by class, ATA members have shared their careers in ways that captured the imagination of students…

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Killer Networking Skills for Language Industry Professionals

Networking means new business When asked, translators and interpreters often say that referrals from their professional network are one of…

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A Guide to ATA Certification

If you have questions about the Certification Exam, this webinar is for you! In this ATA webinar, two experienced graders…

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Negotiating Translation Agreements

How to Apply Principled Negotiation to Real-Life Settings Negotiation is often portrayed as a winner-take-all game. This is not the…

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Getting Personal About Pricing

A common problem in trying to decide what to charge is overlooking the basics of budgeting. This is a job…

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Terminology Management—Why Would I Do That?

Is there more to your job than the daily chase for the best translation? Consider the long-term view instead: taking…

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Copyediting for Translators—Making Serious Writing Sing

Translators often face dilemmas when working with writing by intelligent authors with sloppy writing habits. How do you deal with…

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The Price is Right—Pricing Strategies for Your Translation Services

How do you set and get a fair price for your translation services? This must-watch webinar lays out the most…

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The Basics of Intellectual Property Law for Translators

Intellectual Property Law (IPL) can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when dealing with editorials, journals, and authors in literary translation….

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Translating Patents for Evidence and PCT Filing

Attend this webinar to learn the requirements for the translation of patents for evidence in proceedings at national and international…

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Effective Marketing to Translation Companies

How do freelancers find the right translation company? Translation companies are the backbone of many freelancer businesses, but both beginning…

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Proofreading Your Work Efficiently and Effectively

Drafting the perfect translation—and proving you are worth the money—can get messy. Attend this webinar to learn how to put…

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Translating for the International Development Sector

International development-translating for government agencies, development contractors, NGOs and private foundations that work in developing countries—may be the biggest specialization…

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Problems, Solutions, and Precipitates: Translating for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Cosmetic Industries

Quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements often drive translation needs in the broad chemical industry. We translate standard operating procedures,…

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The Business of Translation with U.S. CalPro

How much do you really know about your business-operating costs? Average hourly rate? Target income? We’re not talking about a…

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ATA School Outreach: A Fun and Rewarding Way to Raise Awareness of Our Professions

In 2013 translation and interpretation jobs were among the 15 fastest growing professions in the US. The School Outreach Program…

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Ouch! That Translation Hurts! Challenges that English-into-Arabic Medical Translators Face Daily

Not only is medical content challenging for Arabic translators, but also the difference in clinical settings that might not have…

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Time Management for Freelancers: How to Get Things Done!

Poor time management is a major pitfall for many freelancers. Without a system for scheduling and prioritizing, we can end…

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New International Payment Options for Translators and Agencies

Do you like to work with international clients and vendors but find that the bank fees are killing you? Then…

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Technical Writing for ‘Into English’ Translators

Superb writing skills are not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a technical translator’s skill set….

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How to Write a Winning ATA Conference Proposal

How do you develop, write, and submit a presentation proposal for ATA’s Annual Conference? In this webinar, ATA President-Elect Corinne…

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An Introduction to Note-Taking for Interpreters

Memorizing information is an essential part of a consecutive interpreter’s work. However, relying solely on memory can sometimes be difficult—and…

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Translating Contracts to and from French

All translators are called upon to translate a contract at some point in their careers, but what appears at first…

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